Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

How to learn italian in 10 days

Let´s face it none of us has any spare time. We need to do things quickly. Another truth that is hard to escape is that -Learning Takes Time- aka "LTT". You cannot simply shove all of the knowledge from a book into your head and expect your brain to spit it back out like a computer. 

With languages it is even harder. You have to react to the context of the situation that you are in when writing or speaking. There are many "right" answers and thousands of vocabulary words that can have slightly different meanings depending on the ... context.
If you did want to try to learn a language in 10 days and you were really set on it, it could be done. If I wanted to learn Italian in 10 days this is how I would do it.

Day 1 
Go to the airport and book a flight to Italy. If you want to learn a language you are going to have to go somewhere where people speak it day in and day out. For this kind of intensive course a few hours of contact every day is not going to cut it. 

After you booked your flight online, change the language of your computer to Italian.

Since you are going to be in an airplane for a while you should get a portable DVD player and a few of your all-time favorite movies. Make sure that they have an Italien language option. Watch these movies in Italian on your flight. 

Buy a phrase book at the airport.

Day 2

After waking up go outside of your hotel to eat breakfast. Order in Italian with the help of your phrase book. 

Go to the nearest language school and book an intensive course for 4-6 hours of classes a day for 7 days. Ask if you can start today.

Go out to eat for lunch and dinner, always act like you do not speak English. Even if you have to lie and say that you come from another country like Iceland. Avoid speaking any other language than Italian. 

Now you will be tired. Go to the hotel and watch some TV in English. Then watch the news in Italian and if you are motivated another one of your favorite movies in Italian.

Day 3

After waking up go outside of your hotel to eat breakfast somewhere different. Order in Italian with the help of your phrase book.

Go to your Italian class.

After class do your best to walk around and get totally lost. Just walk, walk and walk some more and maybe hop on a bus or taxi for a while. Explore keep the business card of the hotel in your pocket so that if need be you can hop in a taxi and just show the card. Do not use any other language while exploring than Italian.

Day 4

After waking up go outside of your hotel to eat breakfast somewhere different. Order in Italian with the help of your phrase book. 

Go to your Italian class.

Find some children movies that are playing at the theater. (Movie Theater)
Go watch one. 

Look for children books and try to read some. 

Go explore and get lost again.

Watch the news in Italian.

Day 5 

After waking up go outside of your hotel to eat breakfast somewhere different. Order in Italian with the help of your phrase book. 

Go to your Italian class.

Take a break, go to your hotel and relax.

If you are motivated then watch a movie or go explore.

Then go out, go to a bar, club or disco and have fun.

Day 6

Basically the same as day 3. This time you should be able to express yourself a lot better. Go to another city or town. Get lost and find your way back. Ask for directions, meet new people.

Day 7

Repeat Day 5 After your daily lesson relax and then go out at night. This time try some different places. Ask around what is going on, go to some events.

Day 8

Repeat day 3 don’t go to class, go on a day trip.

Day 9

Final day at class, go out with your teacher and classmates.

Day 10 
Go home.
Now you can speak Italian. You are going to have to keep practicing to get better but you can express yourself and can do a lot of basic things. And you did it in 10 days!


Montag, 2. April 2012

When In Rome

There is a saying that goes, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. And truth be told, it is quite a fascinating experience. Italian culture, cuisine and art are things that have shaped not only Europe but the whole world as well.

Food is a very big part of Italian life and lifestyle. In Greco-Roman culture, the more voluptuous the woman, the more attractive she is (especially when seen in a family-oriented perspective). Therefore, also, a woman who knows how to enjoy food also know how to make food enjoyable for her family. The different regions of Italy have a lot of traditional cuisine native to their respective communities, but overall, the food and how it is served is relatively similar.

Florence and Tuscany are two regions in this country that are well known for their fantastic food. It is a tradition and a heritage that the people here keep very much alive in their daily lives. The preparation and cooking is in itself an art as well, and those who want to be a part of this experience will be in for a spectacular culinary journey.

First of all, what makes Italian food so exquisite is the freshness and quality of the ingredients. The knowledge and recipes have been carefully passed down from generation to generation, and the age-old delicacies can still be tasted today in their finest.

Even in the marketplace, you will feel that the tradition and history of the Italian people is still very much alive and kept well. The love of good food and good wine are deeply rooted in the people and they do well to share it with the rest of the world.

There are many kinds of food to savor here, all with a distinctively Italian flair. Grab a bite of their freshly baked breads, sweet confectioneries, crisp salads, savory pastas, and so much more. Add the unparalleled view to these unique flavors and your senses will be exploding with satisfaction indeed.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine is simply yet hearty. Have yourself a taste of their soups, and organic dishes, and you will find yourself wanting more. The regional delicacies of Italian cooking are really some things you do not want to miss out on. After feasting your eyes on galleries and museums, make sure to get your fix of local dishes from restaurants, bistros, cafes and virtually any corner of the region.

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

The Benefits of Learning Italian in Italy

The Italian language is best learned when you breathe, eat and see Italy. You can learn the language in a language school near your current location but there’s nothing like the experience of studying the language amidst the Italian landscape basking under the Tuscan sun.

If you can afford to stay for a long time in Italy, this is the best time to seriously study the language. Aside from feeling like having a seemingly extended vacation, you can use the time to learn about the culture and arts through the Italian language. One of the best things about learning Italian in Italy is the people. When you leave your Italian hotel or apartment, you will already meet a lot of people speaking Italian in various accents.

The standard Italian language comes from various dialects and spoken in different accents. Over the centuries, the Italian language has evolved to what it is today. There are many Italian words that became part of the English language throughout history. If you already know these words, you can use them to begin practicing your basic Italian.

A great way to start practicing is greeting people in Italian when you roam the streets. Many Italians will appreciate foreigners who want to learn how to speak their language. Don’t be afraid to say hi or hello in Italian to the tour guide, market vendor or food server. You may learn a thing or two from them if you practice your Italian regularly. Aside from the greetings and goodbyes, you can also introduce yourself in Italian. This is a great opening for a pleasant conversation. You may even learn new words from every interaction that you will have.

You will enjoy learning Italian in Italy especially in small but charming towns like Tuscany. Aside from the food, you will be exposed to the culture that Tuscany is known for. Enjoy the town for its warmth and beauty during the day. Go out with fellow Italian language students at night to explore food havens and art shops. You get to practice your Italian while talking to shop owners and patrons.

Having an Italian study partner is also a good idea. Your study partner should know how to speak English to help you out during the start of language studies. Having someone else test your Italian language skills will help you remember the basic words and phrases even better. You can practice with each other while dining out or just touring the town.

Studying the Italian language in Italy is the most effective way to gain mastery in speaking Italian. There’s no better place to test your Italian language skills than right in Italy. Once you have mastered the Italian language, you may be surprised to see opportunities that may come your way. You may be assigned by your company in Italy. You may also decide to stay in Italy for good and open up a business there. With your knowledge in Italian, you can start pursuing new opportunities in Italy.